Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh yeah... We're back.

Thank you all for following us this summer! We had no idea so many of you were doing so! Soon we hope to get some more pictures posted. As for our current lives.. We are buying a fixer-upper in Cincinnati!! We just love projects! :)

As a few you have suggested, we might try to use this blog as a "normal" blog occasionally now that we're back. We'll try!

Have a good rest of August everyone!
Chris & Lisa

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So. What did you do last night?

We had quite possibly the strangest experience of our vacation.  (we feel that is really saying a lot.  after all, on Sunday we attended a church service of a religion we don't belong to in a language we do not speak, alone.)

The festivities came to an end last night.  To celebrate, Emanuel, The King of Pimba, played a concert.  Pimba is a type of pop folk music here in Portugal.  Apparently the lyrics can be pretty vulgar, but due to the accordions and snappy beats, it is wonderful music to listen to.

Here's a sample of a live performance from YouTube:

The King of Pimba is in his fifties now.  He isn't too animated on stage, however as you can see, that is compensated for by having background dancers/singers that look a lot like 80's cheerleaders doing work-out videos.  To help you better understand, this is how the concert started..

The stage was filled with fog.  A huge crowd had gathered in between the bumper cars and churros stands.  We all watched the stage in anticipation.  Suddenly a person appears amidst the fog, holding one of those keyboard things that has a neck like a guitar.  We hear a few notes and the musician walks to his spot on stage.  Then we see a pair of rather fit female legs on stage.  The fog rolls away a little more to reveal short white boots and a dress of what appears to be a satin white pillowcase edged in silver sequins.  We can't see the figure's head, as it is wearing a small hooded cape, just like Little Red Riding Hood.  An arm appears outside the cape.  Then another.  And another.  Slowly, driven by some synthesizer music, the female figure is revealed to be 4  figures, wearing the same outfit.  They proceed to start doing a work-out video dance routine.  Then another wave of fog rolls in just as the music begins to pick up in intensity.  The exercisers remove their hoods.  Out steps the King, wearing an all white suit.  As he lifts the microphone to his mouth to begin to sing, the audience is blinded by the bits of silver in his sportcoat.  The party has begun.  Pimba music fills the festival.  A little while later, the King tells the audience  "Let's make a party!"

Here's a little video we took, after their first costume change:

Aside from the concert being totally weird and the King of Pimba looking like a creep dancing with young girls, it was really fun!  The music was really good!  Yes, we have no idea what most of the lyrics were, but the dance moves were definitely like an exercise video I have.

Well.. that was our night last night!  Hope you all had fun Monday nights as well!