Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We've had a traumatic past few days..

There is a family of cats living around the back door of this sublet we're staying at until we close on our house.  There is a momma cat, Martina, and five babies.  Occasionally the father-figure, Ricky, shows up.  We decided that if no one was taking care of them and we started to do so, then when we made the move, the family could come with us and live in our ginormous garage.  Tuesday we get some cat food and when Chris went to their area to put it away, he discovered someone had put rat poison all around there.  They had even put mothballs in the hole they like to climb under that corner of the house.  This made us sick.  Long story short, it seems that Martina ate some of the poison before we got to it.  Then we saw her nursing her 4-week old babies.  We haven't seen them since yesterday, late afternoon.  As soon as we saw the poison we realized that if these cats are going to stand any chance, we can't keep them here.  They have to go somewhere safe.  We had no luck catching them last night and didn't have anywhere to take them anyhow.  We're not indoor pet people.  Especially because they might have fleas.

Then today on one of his many visits to check on the cats, Chris found Charlie.

He stuck him in our bathroom and spent the rest of the day looking for the others.  Unfortunately, he didn't find anyone else.  We're heartbroken, but at least we've managed to save one of them.  Hopefully something will work out and we can find the others.

Until then... what have we gotten ourselves into?!

So when you all visit our new home, get ready to meet the sweetest little kitty.  His name is Charlie, but his friends call him Chuck.


  1. Chuck is a lucky duck to have met you two. Take good care of him, Momma Land!

    And more pictures please! He's a cutie!

  2. He is very sweet! I am glad you and Chris rescued him from someone mean. I can't wait to rub his chin and hold him!

  3. He can't wait to have his chin rubbed and be help by you!