Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little update from Leipzig

Hello Everyone,

We are in Leipzig, Germany right now.  Yes, as could have been predicted.... we have fallen behind on this blog thing.  We're on vacation!

Okay, so since Chris's post about the cat in Chartres..  We stayed a night last week with a wonderful family near Brussels, Belgium.  They were such an amazing family!  Oh, it was great!!!  Then we went to Frankfurt, Germany for the night.  There we met up with an old friend at the airport that morning (Julie!) and picked up Chris's dad, Jerry  for the next leg of our trip.  We spent a night in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Then we headed to Wiesloch where we spent some time with a long time friend of Chris's family, Paul.  He, his wife Regina, and his parents were the best of hosts!  (Thank you all for the great bike rides, delicious cakes.. everything!)  On Saturday, Paul and Regina got married.  Their reception had over a dozen different desserts.  We Americans need to consider this when planning our own weddings...

On Monday, our terrific hosts took us to Strasbourg, France and then on to Stuttgart, Germany.  Chris, Jerry, and I ate these huge pizzas for dinner that night..  Tuesday we were in Stuttgart and then Frankfurt.  Then Wednesday morning we put Jerry on a train back to the airport and we headed to Leipzig.

We are having a great time in Leipzig!  Oh wait, we have a great time where ever we go....  Anyhow, we saw a Matthias Weischer painting show yesterday.  Chris was in heaven!  We also had a delightful picnic dinner by the river and then threw the frisbee for a little while.  Today we spent most of the day at a big compound of old factories that have been turned into some pretty incredible art galleries.  We saw some artwork by those who are celebrities in our book.  Fun fun!

Well, now we're off to another gallery or two and then who knows!  Tomorrow morning we will head to Amsterdam.  We'll be staying in a little cabin by a lake for three nights.  There will be plenty of biking, reading, and relaxing!  It will be like a vacation from our vacation.

Oh and I still have my sunglasses in case you were wondering.. :)

Chris & Lisa

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  1. Way tooooo much vacation fun! Keep up the adventure!