Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So we forgot we had a blog...

Greetings everyone,

So as you probably expected, we went almost two weeks since our last post..  Last night we just happened to remember that we had a blog.  oops.

Since our last post:

We spent 4 days camping on a lake outside of Amsterdam.  It was wonderful!  Then we spent one day in the city.  It was not as wonderful..  We did have a very successful vacation moment when we saw people eating delicious cake so we just sat down at a table at this cafe and ordered ourselves some cake.

July 5th we flew from Amsterdam to Rome.  Rome was just as wonderful as it always is!  We spent lots of time wandering around the beautiful city, eating gelato and people-watching.  Last Thursday we got up early and went to St. Peter's before the crowd arrived.  Then we hopped on a train and spent the day at Pompeii.  Pompeii has been Chris's favorite part of the trip so far.

Last Friday we left Rome and came to visit our friends, Denise and Bernard at their home in the country near Valence, France.  We do not want to leave!  They are some of the best and most-loving people you will ever meet.  Their home and garden are absolutely perfect too.  It's always so relaxing to spend time here!  I'm so thankful I could bring Chris on this visit!  Denise has suggested we buy an old farm out here.  We can spend half the year here and the other half back in the States.'s a splendid idea!  Yesterday we cooked a big "American" breakfast for everyone.  We also made some chocolate chip cookies for them.  Funny how a double batch didn't even last 24 hours...hmmm....

Yesterday was our 3rd wedding anniversary.  In lieu of gifts we decided to pull practical jokes on one another.  I sewed all of Chris's clothing together and Chris hid a bunch of my stuff.  These pranks are going to become a tradition.  I am going to start plotting for next year..

Well, we are in France and it has been about an hour since we last ate something..  (not just something - Nutella ice cream, that had the consistency of mousse!)  Time to eat!  Another delicious meal; followed by cheese!  ..I really don't know how on Earth we're going to be able to leave here..  (don't worry Moms, we don't actually mean that!)

Bon Appetite!
lisa and chris


  1. Nutella ice cream??? Not. Even. Fair.

    You go ahead and buy that French farmhouse and we'll be your permanent house guests. Hope you're taking tons of pictures!!!

  2. I love the idea of spending half the year in France and half the year in the States! We should figure out how to make that happen!

    Glad you guys are having a great time! Love the pranks idea in celebration of your anniversary. You could start putting nickels in his phone until next year, and then take them all out at once!!!!

  3. OMG - Nutella ice cream sounds awesome! And cheese - I love cheese in Europe.

    Belated happy anniversary!

  4. you know, we posted a comment right after sarah's but it disappeared! i don't understand why (or do I mean how?) our american lives can be so lacking in terms of nutella.

    sarah: all french farmhouses seem to have more than one residence, so come on over! :)

    kelli: for a moment we considered pranking everyone for christmas, but that might not go over so well..

    anne: we are eating a very healthy dose of cheese over here! you would be very proud!