Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Bologna and Doing Great!

Hello hello!

We are currently in Bologna, Italy.  The past two days we have been exploring the city.  Tonight we conquered a multiple-course Italian meal at this restaurant at the top of tiny mountain.  Tomorrow we're spending the day in Florence.  Tuesday will be in Milan.  Early Wednesday we are flying to Porto, Portugal with Andre.  There's apparently some village celebration happening that weekend.  Again, what great timing!

Well, we hope everyone else had a great weekend!  We definitely did with Daniele and Andre!


  1. Lisa!! Tell me your secrets- how do you meet all these people that you can stay with for free?? I must learn your ways to save myself some money when I go back to Europe some day! -Michelle C-

  2. You know people who know people, who know people :)
    And you know us, so that's a start! I will divulge more info once we get together next..

  3. Yay!! Hope you two are having a blast- glad your sunglasses are still alive :) -Michelle C-